Why Do Drug Addicts Lie About Everything

Why Do Drug Addicts Lie About Everything?

Lying is a seriously bad habit. More than that is having to deal with the lies of your loved ones, especially if they are dealing with addiction.

We often wonder why our addict closed ones lie about everything. It seems like everything we ask them is just full of lies, in one way or another. They do not even realize the fact that they lie about almost everything.

Drug Addicts Lie About Everything

To help you stop wondering and stop perceiving your close ones as bad people, but just addicts who become liars due to their addiction, we came up with this guide

Lying is one of the many things that drug addicts get in the habit of, and it is something you have to bear until they come clean. With these simple steps, you will understand why your close ones who are in the addiction game lie about everything.

Ways to Understand Why Addicts Lie

1. To Keep Taking Drugs

Often at times, drug addicts will lie to you so that they can continue with their addiction game.

Almost each and every lie that a drug addict tells is somehow to hide their addiction game and show you that they are okay so you do not suspect them.

Man Addicted To Drugs

They think that this way, they can take drugs and you will never know. But of course, they’re wrong, which is why you’re here.

It does not matter why they lie, the number one reason is always to preserve their addiction. Once a drug addict develops his addiction, it does not matter what they lie about and whom they lie to.

2. Because Of Their Shame of Addiction

Another most common cause of lies that drug addicts tell is because they are ashamed of their addiction deep inside.

Let’s be real. Drug addicts are humans as well, and they do have at least a bit of conscience or self-esteem, if not more. They would not want you to perceive them as addicts. For this reason, drug addicts lie about everything.

Shame of Addiction

Moreover, drug addicts are also ashamed, more like guilty of hurting their loved ones because of their addiction. They obviously do not want to see you hurting for their actions.

When they find themselves torn between the feelings of guilt and shame, and between their addiction, they take the easiest route. Which obviously is to lie.

By lying, they think they create a win-win situation. It allows them to think that somehow you will not get hurt and that they will also continue doing drugs in secret.

3. Denial To Addiction

Another reason why drug addicts lie about everything is that they themselves go into the state of denial as a coping mechanism to the loss that they clearly see.

When drug addicts realize that they are ruining or sabotaging their lives because of their addiction and that things are going down, they do not know how to cope with it because they can not stop their addiction. So, their mind goes into the state of denial and self-deception.

They want to perceive themselves and want their loved ones to perceive them as stable individuals.

4. They Do Not Want To Be Confronted

One of the things that drug addicts want to avoid is the confrontation factor. The fact that you know that they are addicts and that you may, at any moment, tell them what they are.

Woman Is Confronting

They are scared of being confronted and bashed for their addiction, so they take the easy way out and lie.

They might tell you whatever you need to hear to avoid an uncomfortable conversation.

5. To Create An Alternate Reality In Regards To The Current Situation

As crazy as it sounds, it is true! At times, drug addicts may lie to their family,  friends, loved ones, and even themselves just to get an escape from their desperate situation.

They might lie about their situation, stating that everything is going great, or that their bills are paid, their bank account is full, they are working out, they have an active social life, and much more.

Lying to their friends and family about their lifestyle can be oddly therapeutic for addicts because, in order to feel empowered, they need to lie. They create an alternate reality and live in their own lies.

6. To Avoid Unnecessary Questions And Arguments

Deep inside, drug addicts are really scared of arguments and unnecessary questions. They dear it may expose the fact they are addicts, or that they had the substance of their choice again.

They are also emotionally aware of what they are doing and that their behavior is unacceptable. Addicts are not so good at processing their emotions or dealing with arguments.

Just to avoid an uncomfortable situation, another argument or fight on their addiction, drug addicts lie.

7. They Do Not Want You To See or Treat  Them Differently

Different People In A Conference Room

If you are dealing with the lies of a drug addict, chances are, they are lying so much to you because they do not want you to treat or see them any lesser than the ordinary humans. They do not want you to sympathize with them or, worse, hate on them because of their addiction.

This is especially common if the addict is young and in the company of friends whom he thinks would perceive him in a bad way.

8. They Are Scared Of You Or Losing You

If the drug addict is young and you are their parent, then chances are they are lying to you because they are scared of you.

Comforting A Woman Crying

If you are their partner, then addicts can lie to you because they are scared to lose you.

How To Deal With The Lies Of Drug Addicts

Here are some things that may help you deal with the lies of drug addicts.

1. Don’t Become An Enabler

As much as you love them, do not become the enabler, check out our article on how to know if you are an enabler.

Confront them when drug addicts are lying and tell them that it is wrong, and you do not support it. Be willing to toughen up when they lie. Set clear boundaries and be willing to do what it takes when they break them.

2. Don’t Take Their Lies Personally, They Are Doing It Because of Themselves

As much as you think that drug addicts are doing drugs because they do not care about you, you need to know that addiction is an illness, and you do not have to take it personally. All you can do is encourage them to recover.

Being lied to might break your heart but understand that there’s a reason behind what they are doing and why they are doing it. Do not take it personally.

3. Get Help

Lies from your drug addict loved ones can be heartbreaking. So whenever it gets frustrating or out of hands, be willing to take help from your close ones or professional. Remember that self-care is very important when dealing with an addict and their negative attitude.

We hope that you found this guide informative. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us in the comments bar below.