Where Do Drugs Addicts Hide Their Drugs

Where Do Drugs Addicts Hide Their Drugs?

No doubt, drug addiction is a deadly habit. People who do drugs are well aware of the consequences.

Despite knowing the consequences of drug addiction, it is hard for drug addicts to stop drugs, some do not even care.

If they are stopped by family or a loved one, they can go to any lengths to hide their drugs and secretly do them.

Doing drugs secretly means that the drug addicts will now have to hide their stash in a safe place where nobody can see or find them.

Another reason why drug addicts may hide their drugs is that they do not want to hurt you. Even though they can not help their addiction, hurting you is not an option either. Like all other humans, drug addicts have feelings as well.

In such situations, whether you are suspicious or sure that your loved one may be doing drugs secretly, you need to take action and find their secret spot. This will either help you confront them, or you’ll simply throw them away.

In either way, it is very important to know where a drug addict hides their drugs.

Here are some of the places where drug addicts hide their drugs.

Inside Their Mattress

Hiding Inside Their Mattress

Drug addicts will go to any limit to hide their drugs; they hide their drugs in places you’ve never imagined.

One of the favorite spots where drug addicts hide their drugs are mattresses; they may keep it under their mattresses.

Since that is way too obvious, they cut open their mattress and hide the drugs in between.

You may want to check the mattress for any cuts or holes to see if they have put their drugs in there.


Drug addicts mostly hide their drugs in places where they are least expected, while at the same time, easily accessible to them.

Hiding Inside The Pillow

Pillows are a great place for them to hide their drugs because not only can they access them anytime in their bedrooms, they can also easily hide them without worries.

You may want to check the pillow covers or the insides of the pillow in case you find holes or cuts in the pillow.

Under Carpets

Drug addicts can hide their drugs under the room’s carpets if they are not glued. Who knows if, in a corner, they have put a small bag of drugs no one will ever notice.

Hiding Under Carpets

Check-in all the carpet’s corners, also look for bulges in the carpet to see if there’s something.

Inside Ordinary Containers

Hiding Inside Ordinary Containers

There might be a container in a drug addict’s room or bathroom, which would look just like any container, but that’s the point, right?

It is to make that container look as ordinary as possible and fill it with drugs that they can easily do inside their rooms or bathrooms.

If you’re looking for drugs, you may want to check out all the containers in a drug addict’s bathroom or room.

Lip Gloss or Lipstick Containers

If a drug addict is a girl, then you know where to look the most.

It is all her makeup, but more than that, girls hide their drugs in their lipstick or lip gloss containers.

These containers are best used for ecstasy pills and other pills like that because they are a perfect fit, and no one doubts these either.

Candy or Gum Wrappers


Hiding in Gum Wrappers

Nobody notices the candy or the gum wrappers lying in one’s drawer of the closet. Of Course, they mistake them for ordinary candies or gums.

Well, in the case of drug addicts, you should!

Drug addicts mostly hide their drugs in candy or gum wrappers. Why? Because they know you’ll never have an idea of looking inside those places.

Well, now, you do.

Ends of A Drawer

If you ever check the ends of the drawers of drug addicts, you will probably find their drugs there.

We mostly open half the drawer and never care to open all of it. They are normal people after all, and their brain works just like ours. Hiding their drugs like that should not come as a surprise.

Sometimes, you may even want to check the upper surface of the drawer for drugs.

Behind Wall Hangings


Hiding Behind Wall Hangings

Wall hangings are one of the most important places where drug addicts can hide their drugs.

Why? Because not only are they a convenient place but also a place that most people do not notice. This makes wall hangings a perfect place to hide drugs.

It could be a portrait, a frame, a lamp, a storage box, or any other decor piece.

Vents And Cold Air Ducts

Vents and cold air ducts have been used by many drug addicts over the years to hide their drugs.

And by drugs, we do not mean small amounts of drugs; we even mean larger!

If you’re sure that somebody does or sells drugs, then vents and cold air ducts are a hot place to check and find out the truth.

False Ceiling Tiles

If there is a basement at home or false ceiling on the roof, then know that it is not difficult to pick up a tile and put drugs on it, then put it back on and access the drugs as per the convenience of the drug addict.

Check the false ceiling tiles of your home today if you’re trying to look for the drugs of a family member.

Behind Toilets

Nobody looks behind the toilets, especially if the toilet is in your room and only and only you use it.

One of the most complicated places where drug addicts hide their drugs are behind toilets.

For the record, the hole in the tissue rolls can sometimes be used by these addicts as well.

Under Seats, Mats, or Dashboards

If it is a car you’re finding drugs in, look under the seat. Also, check with your hands, who knows if the drugs might be sticking on the seat’s bottom.

Also, check under the mats. Mats are a hot place to put your drugs in, so look for drugs there.

You obviously would check the dashboard, but not all of you would look for drugs inside the things in a dashboard.

Try to look into everything you find suspicious in the car’s dashboard.


Hiding Inside Wardrobes

Wardrobes are and will always be used by the drug addicts as their favorite place to put their drugs in.

They can put their drugs at any place in the wardrobe. It could be inside their clothes pockets, in a dark corner of the wardrobe, inside the jewelry or watch containers, their personal items; some even put their drugs with their undergarments so nobody can suspect.

The piles of clothes are also a great area to hide small amounts of drugs.


We hope this article gave you some insight into the places where drug addicts hide their drugs.

Even though there are many places where drugs can be hidden by these addicts, these are some of the most popular, yet least suspected places that we wanted to bring to the highlight.

If you suspect someone close to you to be a drug addict, it is time to act right. Finding their drugs will at least do some good, if not all.