What Not To Say To A Recovering Addict

What Not To Say To A Recovering Addict?

Recovering from drug addiction is a great thing. However, as much as it sounds great, there are loopholes that may cause one to fall back into the addiction period.

Even though it is very good to appreciate drug addicts, there are some things to avoid saying to them as it may cause them to want to fall back.

What Not To Say To A Recovering Addict

Want to know what not to say to a drug addict who happens to be your close ones, family, or friend? Here are a number of phrases you should completely avoid.

1. Saying, “Are You Okay?”

Saying are you doing okay once in a while is good to ask anybody how they are or what they are up to, or if they genuinely are doing good. So can you ask a drug addict?

However, what’s not okay is to keep nagging them and telling them every time you see them if they are doing okay.

This will make them feel like they are somehow diseased and that you do not think they are doing well enough, or that you somehow have a low image of them,

Such a comment, if it keeps repeating, can actually cause a drug addict to act out of the way. This is why it should be avoided.

2. Let’s Have A Glass

Just because you are not an addict and you do not know how hard it is to come out of addiction, does not mean everyone else is the same as you.

Can A Recovering Drug Addict Drink Alcohol

If you find someone battling with drug addiction and is on their way to recovery, the worst thing you can do is to ask them to have a glass of wine with you.

We all know the fact that all it takes is a glass to fall back to where you started, so be careful, no matter how delightful the celebration is. Nothing matters more than their health.

3. Are You In Recovery?

Are you in recovery is something you should not say to a drug addict because it will make them feel like it’s something you are looking forward to.

You might unconsciously put pressure on them to want to do better. Just to be honest, drug addicts have their way of not coming good with expectations. Avoid pressure.

4. You Do Not Have A Problem

Never tell a recovering drug addict that they do not have a problem if they come up to you and want you to listen to them.

This Man Is Angry

Try to understand, try to listen to them because they might just want to talk about their substance abuse. You not listening will make things worse for them. You do not want that if you care for them.

5. Don’t You Worry, I’ll Take Care of Everything

One of the worst things you can tell a recovering drug addict is not to worry, and that you will take care of everything that they are doing.

Consciously or unconsciously, they need to take responsibility for their actions and rely on themselves too. You can help them, but never take care of everything for them.

Chances are they will rely on you and stop worrying about things, which will ultimately put them back in the addiction game.

6. Why Are You Not Drinking?

One of the rudest questions that you can ask a recovering drug addict is why they are not drinking.

Never ever do that. This will only make them feel left out, and just because they feel left out, they might just want to grab on a glass.

We all know that it is just a matter of one glass before all their journey to recovery falls off. You do not want to do that, so please never say this to recovering drug addicts.

Other than that, recovering drug addicts may have different personal reasons for not drinking, and you should never put them in a position to disclose their personal reasons. Respect their choices!

7. What Can I Do To Help You?

Even though asking drug addicts what you can do to help them is a very polite gesture, it may sometimes make them feel like they are not enough for themselves.

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It may give them the feeling that somehow, what they are doing is not enough. Drug addicts often fall into addiction because of their low self-esteem. You do not want to tell them something which may give them a feeling of not being enough.

If you really wish to help them recover, help them unconsciously. You do not have to say it, just show them with your actions that you care and are there for them.

8. What Was Your Moment of Clarity

Even though you might find it quite fascinating to ask drug addicts what their moment of clarity was, it is only fascinating for you to hear.

For them, it is a roller coaster of emotions and flashbacks that they have to go through, just to tell you what their moment of clarity was. It is not healthy for them at all.

Telling you their deepest secrets and deeply personal issues of shame, self-awareness, and spirituality might be very hard for them. It may even put them back in the position to drink if it’s too much for them to tell. Which is exactly why it’s not a good question to ask.

9. You Can Do It!!!

Even though it is very good to give a recovering drug addict the courage to move on and keep going, sometimes, this can put unnecessary pressure on them.  It is not very likely for addicts to live up to people’s expectations.

10. You’re Doing It All Wrong

Whatever a drug addict is doing to recover, please do not tell them that they are doing it all wrong.

Doing It All Wrong

At Least they are doing something, right?

That’s what you should be appreciating them of. Do not make them feel like they are not making any progress and that what they are doing is all for nothing.

If you really wish to help them, you can tell them how they can further try to improve or speed up their recovery.

A Word From The Wise

Even though it is not easy to battle with drug addiction, it does not mean that it’s impossible. In fact, with the right help and encouragement from loved ones, the recovery process can be accelerated.

Help the recovering drug addicts see their value as a person. It is also best to avoid offering advice and suggest they seek professional help in case they are still struggling with their recovery.

We hope this guide on what not to say to a recovering drug addict was helpful. Hopefully, you now have an idea of what phrases you should avoid telling addicts in recovery.

Please let us know if you have any questions. We would be happy to answer them for you.