What Is A Sponsor For Addicts

What Is A Sponsor For Addicts?

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A sponsor for addicts is someone who serves as your mentor as you go through your recovery. It is a term that was first used by Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). Also, they certainly help with your journey. Why? Because they have gone through the same program and have already refrained from their addictions.

The sponsor and sponsee relationship have been common for someone who follows the 12-step program. This program gives you an outline as you push yourself up to complete recovery. The said program is not only limited to what AA has offered. It has different versions depending on a sponsee’s addiction.

To know more about what sponsors, here is further information worth note-taking.

How Can a Sponsor Help Me?

As aforementioned, sponsorship has been helpful to those undergoing recovery. They will give answers to your queries, guide you, and help you take action on the program. Indeed, they are more knowledgeable about the program due to experience.

The Sponsor

Furthermore, you may share or tell your concerns. You may even tell them things that you find hard discussing at meetings. Do not worry because they know how you feel and will surely understand.

However, you have to be honest with your sponsor so he/she will know how to help you. Thus, trusting your sponsor is also a key to make your recovery possible.

Even though your sponsor can be your confidant, make sure you set boundaries. Avoid sharing a bunch of your personal information. You must only talk mainly about the program and recovery.

Where Can I Look For a Sponsor?

You have to attend your meetings. By doing so, you will get the opportunity to meet more people. These people will eventually help you out. Do not be afraid to ask and be active in the program.

There may be announcements in your groups during or even after meetings. If you were not able to see any posted information regarding sponsorship, you may address this concern in your group. Besides, you may approach someone in your circle. There may be rejections, so be persistent and patient so you can get one later on.

How to Choose a Sponsor?

You have to choose someone who can make you comfortable with sharing your situation. Plus, he/she must potentially be a good influence on you.  If your sponsor failed to manifest the desired traits, you can still look for a new one.  Even so, you still have to end it in person and respect each other.

Choose a Sponsor

As you choose your sponsor, he/she may be gentle or the other way around. Eitherway, it is common in sponsorship. With this in mind, you have to be careful in choosing your sponsor. It is important that you get along well with each other.   

To add, your sponsor must be able to walk his/her talk. He/she is someone you look up to so you have to listen and watch. Although there is no such thing as a perfect sponsor, better choose a good one.

It is recommended that your sponsor is not someone linked to you romantically or personally. Hence, it must be someone who you still respect and can trust. Always set boundaries for both your privacy and your own good.

How to Become a Sponsor?

First, you can not be a sponsor if you have not had the first-hand experience with a sponsor. The same thing as the saying, “you can not share what you do not have.” This means you have to go through the 12-steps or other recovery programs and complete them.

Become a Sponsor

Second, it is essential that you attend the meetings and been in the recovery for at least one year. Just take your time, being in recovery is not as easy as it sounds. If you are not yet confident about the role, do not push yourself. You may even discuss this concern with your sponsor so he/she can help you.

Third, you have to bear in mind that it takes patience to be a sponsor. You have to widen your understanding. Do not judge your sponsee, thus, help make a positive action.

Lastly, being a sponsor does not only give you a rewarding feeling but also helps you keep sobriety. It is like a give-and-take relationship. You get this sense of accountability since your sponsee follows you. As a result, you and your sponsee will get better recovery.

What you Need to do as a Sponsee

One of the primary things you have to do is to be present at meetings with your sponsor. For instance that you will not able to show up, inform him/her prior to the schedule.

Talking With Your Sponsee

Talk with your sponsor about setting boundaries. Discuss your means of communication and what time you are allowed to make calls. These simple discussion will help you keep each other’s privacy.

Although you are your sponsor’s accountability, you still have to do your part. Remember, your sponsor will only guide you, so taking action on the program depends on you.

In addition, if there are activities or homework given to you, do it whole-heartedly. This process is for your own good so do not take it for granted.

Also, do not confide everything to your sponsor. Always keep your boundaries. He/she is not a therapist therefore do not expect that all your questions will be answered.  

Relapses are inevitable so do not let this hinder you from telling it to your sponsor. It is a part of the process. But the latest treatments will help you prevent it.


Indeed, there are battles that can not be fought alone. Thus, acquiring a sponsor in your recovery will help. Your sponsor will keep you on track with your program. He/she help you with what you need to do.

You and your sponsor work hand-in-hand in recovery. Thus, selecting a good one whom you can relate to is essential. Also, respect for each other is vital.

Honesty and trust within your sponsor-sponsee relationship help you achieve better treatment results. But remember, your willingness, action and effort will also help you reach sobriety.

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