How To Leave A Drug Addict Boyfriend

How To Leave a Drug Addict Boyfriend!

Drugs are the most dangerous source of pleasure out there.  The death toll by drugs is rising higher day by day in the world. They are not only affecting the ones doing them, but also the ones around them.

When it comes to relationships, drugs can be a serious threat to longevity and the trust of relationships. Being in a relationship with a drug addict can be harder than one can imagine.

When a partner starts doing drugs, there is an abrupt shift in the relationship. One partner takes the wheel while trying to look over the other as well as keeping up with the relationship.

There are going to be more than enough red flags waving in your relationship when your partner starts doing drugs, but oftentimes, you ignore them. These red flags can turn into life-threatening situations if not taken care of at the start.

 If your partner is doing drugs and you don’t know when or how to leave, then start with looking for these red flags. If your relationship has any of these, you have every reason to leave and protect yourself.

Abusive Relationship:

Drug addicts lose their calm and can cross limits, causing you a great deal of emotional pain.

Nobody wants to be abused, belittled or brought down when they are the ones actually wanting good for their drug addict boyfriend. Abuse shall not be compromised. If your relationship has shifted to abuse, be it verbal or emotional, its time to leave.


Abusive Relationship


Besides emotional or verbal abuse, if the addict is violent, you need to consider this red flag a serious threat to your life.

Drug addicts can have a very short temper, and this can make them seriously violent to their partners. This violence may also lead to rape in most cases. You don’t want your life at stake if you see this red flag, do you?


One relies on the other too much

A relationship with a drug addict is mostly codependent. One relies on the other too much. Eventually, this burden is shifted on you.

They will depend on you more than you depend on them, whether it’s for emotional support, money, responsibility, and what not?

Remember, once your partner starts taking drugs, you become the captain of the ship. But what is a relationship is you cannot rely on the other person for support, and you are the only one trying to fix things?

Children Are Affected:


If you have children with your boyfriend and you learn to know that he is doing drugs. You need to set boundaries and look out for your children first.

Children are highly affected by drug addict partners. It is because they are in their growing phase. Putting their growth in an unhealthy environment can cause them to be collateral damage.

If your boyfriend’s addiction is affecting your children in any way, either by the violence or abuse, or the drugs itself, then you need to leave the relationship. Put your children first.


Your drug addict boyfriend could be stealing from you whether you know it or not.

When their source of income is cut off, they will need money. Upon your refusals, it will eventually lead to stealing your valuables for money or your savings. This is a major red flag that you need to leave a drug addict boyfriend.

Your Mental Health is Compromised:

As said earlier, in a relationship with a drug addict boyfriend, the burden is entirely upon you. Which means you have to provide emotional and physical support to try to get them off the drugs.

But if it gets out of hands, and your mental health is deteriorating because of them, then you need to start looking up for yourself. Put your well being and mental health before the one trying to wreck theirs.

Escaping Rehab:

Drug addicts go in and out of rehab. They get relapses more than often. Getting a drug relapse is normal. You have to give it time, but if you find out that your boyfriend keeps escaping rehab more than several times. Then you need to step out of the game as that person has no remorse to quit.


Partner Has No Will to Change:

Keeping up with a drug addict boyfriend can be hard. You need to have a lot of patience to deal with the everyday drama, but it is only worth trying when you know that they are also trying to leave the addiction.

If you learn that your boyfriend has no will to change himself or his way of living life with drugs, then it is best for you to move out and protect you’re well being.

These are evident red flags that may rise one after the other in a relationship with a drug addict partner. In case of your relationship with your boyfriend is waving these flags, then you need to consider leaving the relationship.

Partner Has No Will to Change

Leaving someone you love is not easy, but your love and care also deserve love back in return. That is the key to relationships. Even after your attempts of trying to get them on the right path fails, because they are not willing to change, you will eventually start to dislike them. You cannot unlove them, but this disliking will give help you consider leaving them.

 Leaving them can be hard; you will have many questions coming up in your mind as to what you are doing is right or wrong? Whether or not you are making a mistake? Why do you feel guilty when you are the one trying in the relationship? You will have a constant argumental battle in your mind whether or not to leave. Still, considering the red flags mentioned above, it is the best option to leave.

You may not have the strength or courage to leave someone you love, also when you know about their condition because of drugs, but you eventually have to. You can start by telling yourself that this is a serious problem.

When you admit to yourself that these red flags are not just flags but serious problems to your health, you will start to find courage and strength to leave.

You need to set clear boundaries with your drug addict boyfriend, when he crosses the line, you should know that is the time to leave.

Remember, it is not only those who need care, but you also need as much care as they do.

If you are getting no care, and overlooking your own health, then you are driving yourself to a dead-end by your own hands. You need to start taking care of yourself too. You need to put your needs above too. And the ones around you, for example, your children or parents who would be affected when you are affected.

To get emotional and mental strength to prepare yourself for leaving, share your problem with someone who has your back. It could be a friend or parent or someone with a similar experience, maybe a support group?

Getting to know others having to face the same problem with courage will give you the support and strength to face yours with courage. So, when it’s time to leave, you must leave.

You should not feel guilty as you have tried all you could in your power to help them be back to normal, but if they refuse to change even after your efforts, then it is time to leave.


Drug addicts have a way of manipulating their partners into staying. Still, if they break your boundaries more than enough times, you should have the strength to walk out of the relationship despite the manipulation.

Keep reminding yourself of the consequences the last time you stayed, or what could happen to you or your children next?