How To Hide Pills From An Addict

How to Hide Pills from an Addict

Addiction is a mental illness that drives the affected individual to act differently. The actions of the addict are always geared towards securing more of the substance that they are addicted to. Many individuals who are addicted to drugs, depending on the circumstances, may try to be as discrete as possible to hide their addiction from friends and loved ones. Professionals who find themselves with addiction would go the extra mile to ensure that no one finds out about their addiction, especially their partners.

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Addiction can happen at any time; especially when one is using medications without the prescription of a medical doctor. In some cases, people get addicted to depressants because of the need to get some rest or to manage insomnia, and the individual might find themselves deeply invested in these medications; in many cases, doctor shopping for fresh prescriptions or even go as far as traveling to other counties or cities to get medication.

One thing is certain; a person who is addicted to medications or drugs of any sort will develop changes that can be detected by the keen eye. Recognizing these changes at the right time can help friends or loved ones intervene before the addiction takes root or deteriorates.

How To Tell If Someone Is Addicted To Drugs

Signs of addiction can be evasive especially when the addict is very smart. These signs are usually prominent in teenagers because their systems are very active and will react to drugs differently. For adults, addiction signs may be harder to “sniff out” if the person is unwilling to talk about it or let anyone into their personal affairs. Adults manage addiction differently and would mostly find ways to stay out of sight in order not to get caught when they are uncoordinated.

There are general ways to tell if a person is using or addicted to drugs. One can notice these changes through physical and behavioral signs:

Physical Warning Signs Of Drug Abuse

Physical signs are quite difficult to hide as these are changes that occur in the body. Many of these changes are significant deviations from the norm. The physical changes largely depend on the type of drug addiction. Here are some symptoms that are common with any type of drug addiction:

·         Major changes in the person’s sleeping habits

·         Poor coordination

·         Runny nose

·         Persistent cough

·         Sudden changes in body weight

·         Dilated/ red eyes

·         Tremors

·         Poor physical hygiene

·         Flushing

·         Paleness

·         Unusual offensive smell from the body or breath

·         Puffy face

Behavioral Warning Signs Of Drug Abuse

Human behaviors differ; some might be able to mask their actions while others may not be able to. Those who have had a traumatic experience or recovering from an illness may be able to give believable reasons for their behaviors while others may have no credible reason for their conduct. Here are some common behavioral signs of drug abuse:

·         A drop in performance: academic, effectiveness at work, and others

·         Social withdrawal

·         Neglecting responsibilities

·         Mood swings and high irritability

·         Risky behaviors

·         Financial problems

·         Trouble with the law

·         Relationship problems

Why Do Addicts Hide Drugs?

The obvious stigma and shame behind using drugs are more than enough reason for addicts to hide drugs, especially when living with parents or guardians. The disappointment that comes with learning that your child has a drug addiction can be overwhelming and difficult to hide. This is why teenagers will go to any length to hide their drugs. Hiding drugs is not peculiar to teens alone, it is also done by adult couples, roommates, colleagues, and others.

Addict Hiding Drugs

A major reason why addicts hide their drugs is to avoid interventions where they would be forced to seek medical help or rehabilitation, which might alter their life or be made public. These addicts would rather work on their addiction alone.

If you are uncertain if your loved one is using drugs and you want to be absolutely sure, you would need to understand the different ways in which they hide their stash.

How Do Teenagers Hide Drugs?

The Drug enforcement agency (DEA), have reported specific details on where parents should look in order to find hidden drugs if they suspect that their child may be using one. Here are a few places where teens may hide illegal drugs:

Hiding Drugs

·         Books

·         Candy wrappers

·         Game consoles

·         Lip balm containers

·         Shoes

·         Water/soda bottles

·         Shaving cream can

·         Air vents

·         Toilet lids

·         Mattresses

· clothing

·         Inside toys

·         Breath mint packs

How Do Adults Hide Drugs?

Adults are obviously a bit more discrete when hiding their drugs and may simply hide it in the most unlikely places that are often beyond easy reaches such as their car interior, the basement, a secret drawer with a single key, a small opening on the wall, art posters, personal items, work desk, and others. It is much more difficult to find drugs on adults especially those who are of higher class and work as a professional in their field. However, with closer observation, these secret hiding spaces would come to light.

Why Should You Hide Pills From An Addict?

Addiction is a mental illness that causes extreme cravings. It is a chronic disorder that is characterized by compulsive use of unauthorized medications despite their possible adverse effects. The mental changes last for a very long time even after the user has stopped taking the drugs.

Hiding Pills From Addict

An addict who is on treatment is extremely fragile and may be triggered to use drugs at any point in time, therefore it is imperative that medications or drugs that may are scheduled or may cause a form of “high” are kept far beyond their reach.

When drug addicts who are receiving treatment relapse, it can lead to an overdose and serious health implications, therefore, all forms of highly potent medication should be hidden from an addict at all times.

How To Hide Pills From An Addict

Hiding drugs from an addict can be a bit challenging. This is because they understand the concept of hiding materials and the possible places where drugs can be stashed away. There are a few ways to ensure that drugs are kept beyond the reach of an addict:

1. In a Safe

One of the best places to hide pills from an addict is to put them inside a safe with a difficult password combination. Ensure that the password combination isn’t something basic and isn’t something that can be guessed easily such as birth dates. You can be sure that once they find the safe, they will try a good number of possible combinations before they finally give up, therefore the password has to be difficult.

2. In a metallic first aid kid with lock

There is nothing as discouraging as metal and a key lock. You can be sure that the pills are safe when you store them in a metallic first aid kit with a solid lock and key mechanism.

3. Away from the house

The safest option of all is to ensure that there are no drugs in the house at all. The truth is that once an addict is aware that there are drugs in the house, they would keep trying to get to it any way they can. Ensure that your home is completely drug-free at all times.

Lastly, if your loved one is suffering from drug addiction or is showing signs of a relapse, seek medical help immediately before it is too late.