How To Help A Drug Addict Son

How To Help A Drug Addict Son

Having a drug addict son is one of the most heartbreaking things that parents have to experience.

All parents want the best for their children regardless of their age, and when their kids fall into drug addiction, it’s one of the worst things for parents because they never want to see their children walking on a rocky and life-threatening road.

Despite the fact that drug addiction is a life-threatening habit, your son can still recover from it and go back to the life he had. All it will need is some patience from your side and some support.

So if you are dealing with a drug addict son, here’s how you can help him recover.

Don’t Berate Them All The Time

Don't Berate Them All The Time

One thing that most parents do when they have drug addicts sons is berating them the whole time.

Berating is not a good option as it will not help your son to stop his drug addiction. It will only give rise to distances between you and your son.

You do not want that. You want to keep them around as much as you can and make them stop their addiction.

Berating sometimes can be good, but it is not an approach to try all the time. Instead, look for other approaches to help your son stop his drug addiction.

For example, instead of berating your son the whole time, you can sit with him and calmly make him understand that what they are doing is wrong.

Remember that berating will only create distances, but approaching in the right manner can help create some good and allow him to progress past his addiction.

Ask Them How You Can Support Them

Another thing you can do is ask your son how you can support him. By support, we do not mean financial support; we mean support with his addiction.

Ask him if he wants to get better, and if he does, ask him what he wants from you and how you can be there for him.

Most of the drug addicts do not want to be addicts themselves, but they can not help their addiction.

Show you, son, that you are the support he can rely on to battle his addiction, show him that you are there, and are willing to go through any obstacles with him to help him get better.

This will induce confidence in him to want to get better and sober up because he would know that his parents are looking up to him.

Don’t Lend Them Money

One of the worst things you can do is to lend money to your son when he is on his addiction.

Lending money to drug addicts is like pushing them off the cliff themselves. Do not lend your son money, no matter what he says.

There is a high chance your son will turn to you when he finishes all his money. At that moment, there is a high chance for you to get him out of his addiction. However, you must be resilient when it comes to money.

Every time he asks you for money, no matter how many excuses he makes, say NO.

Instead, try a different approach, tell them you love them and that you are willing to take care of their needs.

The thing that he needs the money for, like food, groceries, home improvement or repair, etc., do that thing for him instead.

This will show him that you care for him, but you are not going to fall prey to his traps.

Communicate Openly

Diverse friends gathering together

Remember when we said berating was not an option all the time.

Let’s just say that open communication is.

It would be really nice to sit with your son over a cup of coffee or even normally and let him know how you feel about his addiction.

Reawaken his conscience!

Tell him it’s something you never expected him to do, that you are proud of him and his capabilities and the man that he is. Tell him he is only going to harm himself and hurt you with this habit.

Be very open about what you say to them and remember to do it politely.

See if he cracks down and if he actually wants to get better. If he does, you’ll know it. That is the time to act and show him you have got his back, and you’re willing to do anything that it takes to get him to recover.

Set Clear Boundaries

Living with a drug addict son can be quite hard because drug addicts are on an emotional roller coaster all the time.

If your son lives with you and is a drug addict, then boundaries are one of the things you should be practicing.

Show them their boundaries, like no drugs in the house, or no bringing in drug addict friends, not misbehaving or yelling in the house, keeping their room clean, etc.

Set clear boundaries for them, and if they do not follow them, be willing to set punishment for them.

Help Them Join A Support Group

Help Them Join A Support Group

If your son really wishes to get better, then look for a support group and help him join it.

This will allow him to know that he is not alone in his journey against his addiction.

Seeing other people want to get better and sober up will allow him to reflect upon himself and want to get better.

Don’t Smother Them

Know how love can smother you?

Well, there’s a chance you might be doing that to your drug addict son too.

We know your intention is merely caring for him, but maybe you are too caring to a point where it gets irritating.

Even though your son is going through drug addiction, you still need to give him his space.

Know the fine line between caring and smothering and do not get way too protective because this can create distances if he gets annoyed.

Deal With Them Patiently

Dealing with a drug addict son is one of the difficult things you’ll ever come across. Not only are they unpredictable, but they also make you angry quite often.

As much as you may want to berate him or shout back at him or be mad, know that you have to be extra patient.

Half the time, he is under the influence of drugs, so he is not really himself.

Instead, approach him when you think he will listen to you, talk to him with patience and love.

However, you must know when to act when boundaries are broken.

Be Willing To Let Them Walk The Rocky Road

As a parent, it is difficult to see your son do drugs and become an addict.

You may care for them; you may be patient, but if he is not willing to get better or wants to be a part of the addiction game, you have to learn to let them walk away and face the consequences of their choices.

Let them walk the rocky road and allow them to see the reality of life for themselves. Allow them to see the consequences of addiction.

Who knows, maybe this will help them want to get better.

We hope you found these points on how to help a drug addict son helpful.

Even though helping your son might be a priority for many parents, remember to look out for yourselves as well. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us in the comments bar below.