How To Have A Relationship With A Drug Addict

How To Have A Relationship With A Drug Addict

Drug use in the entire world is increasing day by day. It is now the highest-rated cause of death in major countries. The alarming age of a drug addict varies from teenagers to middle-aged people.

Although every age has its own reasons to do drugs, the significant cause of drugs is depression. Adults find an escape from mid-life crises. Teens do so because they want to escape reality, high school problems, depression, most of them are just doing it because “it’s cool.”

Disclaimer! It is not cool. Drugs are not cool. Drug addicts forget the fact that they are not the only ones affected by the drugs, but it also affects everyone around them.

Having a relationship with a drug addict can be the hardest battle of your life, whether the relationship is that of a parent/child, spouse/partner, a friend, or a sibling. These relationships are close to us and mean a lot to us. People in their circle are also affected by the change in their behavior, their actions, and their life.

Think of it like a disease, a deadly disease that does not only kill the one having it but affects the ones connected to them.

It is agonizing to see your loved one’s life affected by drugs, and yours as well, as you are associated with them. It can affect your mental, physical, and even social and financial life.

The struggle to keep things even with them can be harder than it seems. The challenges you will go through on a daily basis, can drain your energy and strength, both emotionally and physically.

Every day is going to be a challenge to try to get them back to normal.

You only are putting these efforts because you love them and want good for them, but it certainly does not mean you risk your life if the consequences are getting out of hand.

If you are dealing with a drug addict in a relationship, you must be ready for any kind of trouble. Remember the following things when in a relationship with a drug addict.

You Must Have Patience:

You Must Have Patience

Remember, drug addicts can be hard to tolerate as their behavior is constantly changing, and their temper getting shorter day by day. They will have more than a few emotional outbreaks and meltdowns, which can affect you directly or indirectly, but you have to be patient. You have to remind yourself that they are only behaving this way because of drugs. Obviously, if you keep drugs away from an addict, they can be reactive. You need to handle the situation with care and patience.

Love Them But Not Spoil Them:

Drug addicts are fully capable of loving and being loved. You should love them despite their addiction and recovery if they are trying so. However, you should never allow yourself to be manipulated emotionally by their love, and allow them for a dose even if they say it is going to be a one-time thing.

No matter how many promises your drug addict partner makes, do not allow yourself to spoil them in the name of love. You have to be very careful in situations like these because intentionally or unintentionally, they can manipulate you.

Let’s admit it, who can resist their loved one crying to them for something they want? But you have to remind yourself time and again that these restrictions are only for their betterment.


Love Them But Not Spoil Them

Don’t Get yourself Addicted While Trying to Fix Them:

Major red flag! If you are compelled to do drugs with them, either by their influence or because as a result of the side effects of them doing it, you need to move out from them.

You are not good for them or for yourself if you start doing drugs with them. If you need to keep the relationship, don’t become an addict yourself, while trying to fix them and recover them from it.

Struggle With Rehab:

Rehab can be a tough challenge, not only for the addict but for you as well as you have to look out for them every now and then so they don’t escape it. Because they do, and they will. They may go into rehab and still have a relapse. Having a relapse of addiction is normal; it is a part of the recovery.

Just be patient with the rehab, struggle through these challenges with them, so they don’t completely fall back into addiction.

Consider Boundaries:

Set yourself boundaries

Set yourself boundaries. Inform your addict loved one of these boundaries. These can be anything like abuses, violence, theft. Tell them whatever is not tolerable by you.

If they cross these boundaries, you need to call the authorities and let your loved ones be informed of your situation so you can seek help when needed.

Intervene Upon Breaching:

Intervention helps at times. If you are in a relationship with a drug addict and trying your best to keep it, then upon their relapses or crossing boundaries, try an intervention.

Talk the problem out, make them aware of the consequences. Show them that your loved ones will not always stand by your side if this goes on.

Drug addicts are capable of feeling, more than enough times. Love can bring them back to normal. It plays a big role in their recovery, just make sure you don’t get your love and get them back on the wrong path. Try intervening with love and care.

Join a Support Group:

Join a Support Group

At times, dealing with a drug addict in a relationship can be a lot harder, and the burden can be heavier than it looks on the outside.

Consider joining a support group for them and yourself. They can share their experiences with people who are also in recovery from addiction and experiences of their loved ones dealing with this addiction for the sake of the well being of their loved ones.

Allow Them To Face The Dead End:

When things are getting out of hand, allow yourself to be distant from your loved one. It does not matter how hard it is to let them be on their own while in addiction.

If they keep running from recovery, you need to let them be on their own to face the dead end. They will reach out to you when they have nothing in hand and are overdosing themselves to death. Facing reality may jog some will into them to recover from this addiction.


It is tough to deal with a drug addict and keep the relationship on the right track when there is so much unhealthiness arising as a consequence of the addiction. However, you need to try and put your efforts to bring your loved one back to normal.

It is a constant battle of worrying about their health. Every phone call runs chills down your spin, hoping it is not from ER informing you about their overdose. The struggle is real. However, if you are persistent, and they show a will to recover if not sooner, they will recover from the addiction gradually with your support and strength.