Can Two Drug Addicts Get Clean Together Everything You Need To Know

Can Two Drug Addicts Get Clean Together? Everything You Need To Know

Drug addiction can be quite an alarming disease if it is not treated. If one does not take control of their life, then the addiction does the job for them, and when it does, it makes sure to sabotage that person’s life in every way possible.

Most people hit the rock bottom, and they finally realize that they have to take control of their life’s wheel and make things right. They seek drug abuse therapy and try to come clean.

Two drug addicts talking

Most drug addicts seeking recovery are a single person,  others struggle together to get out of addiction, and wonder if it is safe for two people to come clean together.

You may be two friends, the other person could be your partner, you may be siblings seeking recovery, but mostly, it is your partner that you wish to come clean with.

This article explains whether or not it is safe for two drug addicts to come clean together, and the challenges that they might have to face in their journey to come clean.

So Can Two Drug Addicts Come Clean Together?

Can Two Drug Addicts Come Clean Together?

Yes, two drug addicts can, and in fact, have come clean together. It is completely safe for two drug addicts to come clean together.

It does not matter if they are your partner, your sibling, or your friend, coming clean together is more motivating than coming clean alone.

For instance, if you are at your weakest on a certain day, or you have cravings. Your partner, on the other hand, is doing extremely well, it will motivate you and allow you to suppress your cravings just to be on their level.

Similarly, if your partner is having a bad day and you are having a good one, they will be able to look up to you and act better.

Not only will you be able to support each other in your journey of recovery, but you will also be able to come out of it with a stronger bond. 

Just for the record, many couples in the past have come clean together from their addiction. If you try hard enough and support each other in the process, there are high chances you will come clean together.

However, you need to consider the challenges of coming clean together, what works for you, and what does not. You also need to know if coming clean together for you is the right thing to do, and just how you can come clean together.

How Can Two People Come Clean Together?

So how can two people come clean together? What are the things that you need to start off with after you decide to give things a shot?

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Here are a few things to help you make a start with your recovery together.

1. Ask Yourself If This Is Really Something You Both Want To Do

Before you go any further into coming clean. You need to honestly ask yourself if both of you are willing to come clean together.

Be honest with yourself, how committed are you to want to come clean together?

Before going into recovery, you must be really willing to recover from your addiction to your partner.  Only then can it be successful.

2. Identify The Risk Factors or The Triggers

Once you decide that coming clean together is something you wish to do, the next step is to identify your trigger points.

Take a piece of paper and write them down. Think about it for days if you have to and keep writing. You may also want to discuss it with people close to you and your partner, of course.

Even though the two of you are coming clean together, you need to understand that everyone has different trigger points. Which causes them to fall into addiction. Until and unless you know these points, it may be hard for you to progress.

If you are a couple, then once you are done personally identifying your triggers, also talk about the things that trigger you as a couple. Think about what you can do to minimize those triggers.

Ask each other why the two of you smoke so much? Is it because you want to have fun, or because you need an escape? Is it because it is your relationship dynamic, or depression, financial issues, etc.

3. Be Willing to Take Help, Understand That You Can Not Do It On Your Own

Once you identify your trigger points and look for a solution, you need to consider taking the help. It takes a lot of willpower to come clean together, without any help, and not many people can do it.

For this reason, it is best to take help from professionals because they can help you battle your addiction in the right way.

4. Decide to Enter A Good Rehab

After everything is said and done, the two of you should choose a good rehab and start your journey towards recovery as soon as possible. Rehabs are the best way for two drug addicts to come clean.

Challenges The Two People Who Come Clean Together May Face


If the two of you are coming clean together, there will be struggles and challenges as well. You need to be prepared and talk about those challenges beforehand, or as they come into your mind.

1. Deciding What To Do On Your Worst Days

Everybody has their good days and their bad days. When two drug addicts come clean together, they support and motivate each other on their bad days.

However, when both of the drug addicts in recovery are having a bad day, there are high chances for relapse.

As partners, you need to decide what to do on those days. Whether to battle them down together or to seek help from a third party or simply take space.

2. Understanding Each Other’s Trigger Points And Respecting Them

Always remember that everyone has different trigger points, which enables them to smoke.

Even if the two of you are coming clean together, your trigger points may still differ. Try to find out each other’s trigger points, talk about them, and discuss how you can battle them together. This is especially beneficial for couples in recovery.

3. Planning Out The Future

Talk about the future the two of you look forward to. Think about all the things you should do right this time and ways to save yourself from relapse.

4. Understanding Your Personal Journeys In Healing

Even though two people can come clean together, despite their struggles as partners, everyone still has their own struggles to battle with.

Understand that your partner has their own journey towards healing, and so do you. Respect theirs and allow them to respect yours. Give each other the space to work on yourselves too.

Remember that you need to be in good health yourself, in order to help somebody else get better.


We hope you found this article interesting, and it helped you understand everything you need to know about two drug addicts coming clean together. Feel free to tell us what you think in the comments bar below.