Can A Recovering Drug Addict Drink Alcohol

Can A Recovering Drug Addict Drink Alcohol?

Recovering from drug addiction is the best thing you can do for yourself and the people around you. It is like finally taking control of the wheel of your life and getting things in order again. Even though the process is gradual and slow, there might be many ups and downs, you should be proud of who you are becoming.

Recovering Drug Addict Drink Alcohol

When battling drug addiction, many people wonder if they can still consume alcohol.

They wish to know if it’s safe to take the step and take a sip. Well, we’re here to answer that today!

This article will tell you whether or not it’s safe for a recovering drug addict to drink alcohol and why.

Keep reading till the end to find out more.

Can A Drug Addict In Recovery Drink Alcohol? 

No, a drug addict who is recovering from his addiction can not, in any way, drink alcohol.

It’s as simple as that.

If you are a recovering drug addict, you should not go anywhere near something which may threaten your progress. 

Simply leave the bar or say NO.

Even if it is a sip of alcohol, you’re not to take it if you are recovering.

But Why Can’t I Drink Alcohol During My Recovery?

Many people would object to why they can not drink alcohol in their recovery process.

Well, the reason is that your brain is still coping with the loss of dopamine excess. It still craves those higher doses of dopamine and the sense of pleasure it would provide you.

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A sip from alcohol and your brain releases the dopamine. Thus giving you that sense of pleasure it was longing for, thus pulling you back to where you started, or worse, towards addiction itself.

You may even replace drug addiction with alcohol addiction, thus leading to further complications.

To further understand this, you need to know the mechanism of action of alcohol and other drugs.

How Drugs And Alcohol Are Related To Each Other

Drugs and alcohol are both related to each other in the sense that they both give your brain the “dopamine high” effect.

Even though their mechanism of action may be different, at the end of the day, the effect is similar.

Both of them affect the common neurological reward systems in the brain. Whether you take drugs or drink alcohol, you are affecting the function and chemistry of your brain by letting it release excess dopamine into your system.

If you are wondering what dopamine does, it is what produces the feeling pleasure to which your brain gets addicted, thus causes addiction.

How Drinking Alcohol Can Trigger A Relapse?

Substances that have a high potential to cause addiction may have different mechanisms of actions in the brain. But their effect is all common and one!

These substances cause the level of the neurotransmitter dopamine to rise incredibly higher than the normal ranges.

Among the many effects that dopamine produced in the body is to teach people to do things that ensure their survival. This includes eating, procreation, and social bonding.

Over Dose To Drugs

 What a human brain is subjected to drugs, they take control of it and then produce high levels of dopamine, even more than the normal amount.

And we all love that high dopamine feeling. I mean it makes you feel really good and happy. Why should you not? But it’s dangerous as hell.

Generally, the more intense and the more rapid the dopamine high effect, the more likely it is for you to fall into addiction to that substance.

So, when you are an addict beforehand, and are battling your addiction with recovery, your brain does not produce those high levels of dopamine, yet craves it.

When you consume alcohol or anything else that raises dopamine rapidly, your brain is automatically excited. In other words, the effect of alcohol is the same as that of the drugs you previously were addicted to.

Your brain associates the pleasure you get from alcohol to the pleasure you were getting before from others and may even switch to alcohol to cope with the loss of drugs. Thus triggering another addiction.

You may become an alcohol addict, simply because your brain craves for the “dopamine high” from alcohol to cope with the loss of drugs, or you may just fall back into drug addiction.

Do Drugs And Alcohol Have The Same Risk Of Addiction?

Yes, both drugs and alcohol have the same risk of addiction. As we’ve said earlier, both of these addictive substances trigger the same areas of the brain and cause the dopamine high effect.  This causes addiction.

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In fact, if you are already an addict who is recovering and you take alcohol, you are most likely to fall back into addiction.

Studies On The Use of Alcohol After Drug Addiction Recovery

Several studies over the years have been on the use of alcohol as a substituent or as a reward for a successful recovery from drug addiction.

Two groups were selected for this study.

Group A of addiction recovery subjects was allowed to take moderate to no alcohol. The goal was to teach them how to cope with the stress that causes one abuse, and that the subjects have control over their choices. As a result, some people abstained from the use of alcohol while some did not.

Group B was awarded alcohol drinking as a reward for successfully completing their drug abuse therapy. The results in this group were disastrous as everybody started the misuse of alcohol.

This shows that if you take a sip from alcohol in recovery, there is a high chance that you will fall back into the addiction game.

Give Yourself Other Rewards For The Progress Than Alcohol

You may approach drinking with a “cavalier attitude” and think that you can handle it. You may even think that you deserve to drink because you just completed your drug abuse therapy, and you’re all good to drink. In fact, you are entitled to drink alcohol as a reward.

Exercise Than To Drink Alcohol

No, you’re not and do not make that mistake if you are an addict! Ever.

Why only drink alcohol when there are so many other things you can do to reward yourself for the incredible journey you have accomplished and defeated your addiction.

You have come so far, why should you have to take the risk to fall back into the drug addiction game?

It is so much better to move forward into a healthy, enjoyable, and productive life than to potentially backslide.

The bottom line is, if something has more potential to do harm to you than the good, then you are better off without it.

Let us know what you think, and if you have any questions, feel free to drop them down in the comments bar below! We would be glad to help.