Some form of alcoholism is widely prevalent (and accepted) in our society today. We’ve all seen or heard of someone who has struggled with alcohol.

Some of us unfortunates have even experienced the dark side of alcoholism when it directly affected our immediate family member.

Many of us are still struggling with alcohol.

A few lucky ones have started a path to recovery. Unfortunately, not everyone gets to be that lucky. This disease takes its toll in the worst way possible – pain and suffering to self, to family members and eventually sickness, disease, cancer, and eventually slow and painful death.

But it does not have to be this way.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways one can get help. Whether you struggle with alcohol yourself, or know of a loved one who needs help, there are plenty of resources available today.

Organizations like Alcoholics Anonymous, Smart Recovery, Women in Sobriety, etc. approach recovery from various different angles to fit needs of different people and personalities.

A lot of people can find relief from trained clinicians and therapists.

Our goal with this website is to help you and your loved ones in your journey to recovery.

Thank you for being with us and please let us know if you have any questions or comments.